Federation for
Housing and

SFHP- Suomi-Finland Housing and Planning Association

SFHP Suomi-Finland Housing and Planning Association was established in 1991 to prepare and organize an international IFHP congress - The Helsinki Congress in 1993. SFHP's founders were the Housing Board, Housing Reform Association, Housing Foundation, the Finnish Housing Association and Finnish Housing. SFHP acts as a network to bring professionals together in order to provide the necessary experience and knowledge exchange in practice to improve the quality of the urban planning and rural environments in Finland, with a view to managing change and promote the urban garden city concept. Within this view, SFHP helps to raise the international profile of Finnish housing and planning knowledge, expertise and services, both domestically and internationally.

By having a country-wide network working within varied disciplines, SFHP can offer professionals with the necessary support and contacts, nationally and internationally. It is only by working together, and sharing ideas, and experiences that housing and planning theory and practice can be improved to make our cities a better place to live and work in.
SFHP operates through democratically elected representatives to its management board and elected members to the IFHP Council.

Working subjects

  • City planning
  • Urbanism
  • Managing the city-region structure
  • Innovation in housing construction and techniques - diversity in house production; fairness in housing tenure; financial structures in housing; housing policies
  • Housing and planning competitions
  • Metropolitan governance
  • Future of Cities
  • Climate change and impact upon cities
  • Public participation


Methodology of work / Activities

  • Annual Conference in May/June
  • International Congresses/Conferences in Helsinki, Lapland and St Petersburg in Russia
  • Seminars on key themes (nationally and internationally)
  • Workshops on practical issues
  • Books and brochures on various topics, such as Housing Reform, City Profiles, City Partnerships
  • Research at university level is undertaken by professors who are members of the organization and issues discussed at the management board level

Membership and Community

SFHP has nearly 100 members, comprising corporate membership of major cities and private sector housing companies, professionals from town planning and architects, housing managers, surveyors and engineers, as well as civil servants, elected members of national and city governments and members of NGO's.

Events for 2017

  • Key Conference on Urban Diversity May/June (in Finnish)
  • International joint Conference on Housing and Planning with Metrex and IFHP October