Federation for
Housing and

New IFHP Media Manager

Pia Bechsgaard

In the role of Media Manager, Pia Bechsgaard aims at bridging the gap between IFHP and digital platforms.

Pia will work on developing and tailoring solutions that enable allied professions to find information on good planning practices and engage diverse professional interests in identifying emerging urban development issues. The solutions aim to put urban development issues in focus, ensure that all work carried out are linked to the key ideology of why IFHP was initiated; improve quality of life within the build environment.


In 2004 Pia left Belgium to study nursing at University College Metropolitan in Denmark. Four years later Pia graduated with a BA in nursing. By 2011 she had a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Health Strategies combined with Communication. Since then Pia has worked in The Union of Communication and Language Professionals in Denmark, as a web communicator.


It is a pleasure to welcome Pia to our team in Copenhagen.


Contact information for Pia Bechsgaard: