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Invitation: Come see Climate Ambassadors present the future of Copenhagen to the Mayor of Technology and Environment

On June 6, the Climate Ambassadors will present in BLOXHUB, Copenhagen

The IFHP would like to invite all interested Danish speakers in our network to participate in the final event of this year's Climate Ambassadors Programme, where the young Student Climate Ambassadors will present their solutions to the Mayor of the Technological and Environmental Administration of Copenhagen.

Educating and involving the youth on climate change adaptation for almost a decade

The Climate Ambassador Programme targets 7th grade students in the Municipality of Copenhagen and has been educating - and involving - students for almost a decade in the city's efforts towards creating a sustainable Copenhagen city. This year, the climate ambassadors have spent several months designing their bid for how traffic and urban planning should look in the future sustainable Copenhagen in the year 2030, as seen from a child and youth perspective.

Based on the area around the neighborhood Nørrebro's new public transport station, the Climate Ambassadors have conducted site visits, brainstorming sessions, idea workshops and have modeled the outcomes of this process into a Minecraft model of the area. During the sessions, the Climate Ambassadors have been presented with knowledge of climate adaptation, sustainability and urban development.

Engaging the youth 

For this year's edition of the Climate Ambassadors Programme, the IFHP has been part of developing the educational tools applied as well as facilitating the work of the students. The IFHP & the Komiteen UIA 2023 collaborated with the Children and Youth Administration and the Copenhagen Solutions Lab from the Municipality of Copenhagen to introduce the use of digital tools and geographic information used to map and develop sustainable sites, based on the needs and ideas of the young Climate Ambassadors.

In addition, the IFHP was included in a jury tasked with judging solutions recommendations in a workshop held on May 9th at BLOXHUB. The video below provides more insight on the day as well as on the Climate Ambassadors Programme in general:



On the 6th of june, the ambassadors' would like to present their ideas and thoughts about the future of sustainable Copenhagen to everyone interested. Those interested can sign up via an e-mail to Project Manager Ane Rotbøll Jørgensen at The full invitation in Danish is available below: