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Housing and


Join a global community of professionals and experts sharing a passion for making Cities Better For All



IFHP is a membership based organisation and we have private and corporate members from all over the world.


Who can become member?

Anyone with an interest in making cities better for people. Members are a mix of professionals, academics, organisations, housing agencies, public entities, corporations, students and individuals. Members have different motivations for joining IFHP, but all share the passion of making cities better for people.  

The mixed and international membership base is what makes IFHP a truly global community. We are always happy to grow our network and invite new members.


Why should I become a member?

As a member you will be part of a global community of professionals and experts who all share the passion for making cities better for people. It is up to you to decide your level of engagement, but all members have the chance to:


  • Be part of a professional network that works from different perspectives within the area of urban planning and housing

  • Write blogposts on relevant issues in the name of IFHP. When relevant, make blog series about specific themes.

  • Be elected as council members of IFHP

  • Get free access to the ‘IFHP-ones’, which are academic easy-to-read publications written by IFHP professionals or partners on specific themes or outcomes of activities.

  • Suggest themes for our so-called urban labs and host them.

  • Be invited to participate in events and workshops where your knowledge or expertise can help solve real problems and you’ll gain new contacts and networks.

  • Participate for free in the yearly two-day summit of IFHP. If our congress is organised in collaboration with an external party, members are allowed to participate with a discount (e.g. make permanent use of the early bird deadline). 

  • And last but not least – be part of defining the future events and activities of IFHP.


Membership levels

IFHP offers three levels of membership:

Junior Member: 

The IFHP Basic membership level is reserved for students and young professionals up to 35 years of age.

Annual fee, 60 euros.

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Regular Member:

The IFHP Premium membership level is open to anyone.

Annual fee, 120 euros.

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Corporate Member:

The IFHP Corporate membership level is reserved for companies, organizations and local, regional and national authorities.

Annual fee, 1200 euros.

Academic instution fee, 600 euros*.

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Membership Discounts 

IFHP has adopted a graduated membership fee structure for 2019.

Geographical discount: 

Membership fee discounts are available in accordance with national income categories: 

High income countries                                                           0% discount
Upper Mid income countries                                               25% discount (use code 25)
Lower Mid income countries                                               50% discount (use code 50)
Low income countries                                                          75% discount (use code 75)
The categories stem from the UN Statistical Office. 

*Educational Institution: 

If you represent an educational institution you are entitle to a discount of 50% - as indicated in Corporate Member pricing.


Senior Member:

If you are over 65 years of age, you are entitled to a discount of 50% on the Premium membership level.

For more information, please contact the IFHP Team at