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Watch and listen to interviews of well-known planners and other ‘urban thinkers’, both academics and practitioners, express their thoughts on IFHP’s role and contribution on cities and human settlements issues.
Urbego in Vila Pedreira, Porto Alegre
Posted: 06. November 2014

From 24 to 26th of April, an Urbego workshop took place in Porto Alegre, in which young professionals, students of the FAUPUCRS university, students of other universities, representatives of the Brazilian Architecture Institute, officials of the municipal housing department and inhabitants of the area concerned were challenged to think of urban solutions for Vila Pedreira.

The Green Transition
Posted: 29. October 2014

Peter Head, Executive Chairman, The Ecological Sequestration Trust, and Katherine Richardson, Professor in Biological Oceanography, University of Copenhagen, shares their ideas about what it will take to kickstart the green transition, and what kinds of challenges and possibilities it could bring about.

The Nordic Metropolis
Posted: 27. October 2014

Claus Billehøj, Director for Regional Development, the Capital Region of Denmark, and Mikael Stamming, Director for Regional Development, Skåne Regional Council, are working together to build The Nordic Metropolis as a competitive and attractive region that focuses on quality of life, sustainable city planning and economic growth. Here they share the lessons they have learned, working across country borders as well as political and economic barriers.

Nordic Super Model
Posted: 12. October 2014

Kent Martinussen, CEO at DAC, Christer Larsson, Chairman of NCN, and Flemming Borreskov, President of IFHP, explain why The Nordic Model attracts so much attention, and what kind of role the new knowledge and debate platform Nordic Urban Forum (NUF) wishes to play. NUF is a platform for those who work professionally with strategic urban development and city management.

Sharing Cities - Bridging Regions
Posted: 08. September 2014

Learn about opportunities in urban development across municipal, regional and national borders, with the emerging Nordic Metropolis of Copenhagen-Malmö as a case in point in green growth. International Conference Trilogy on Sharing Cities - Bridging Regions, October 1-3 2014 in Copenhagen and Malmö.

Interview with Claus Billehøj, Director for Regional Development, the Capital Region of Denmark.

Urban Governance in Singapore - IFHP
Posted: 25. August 2014

Dr Cheong Koon Hean, CEO of Housing & Development Board and IFHP Board Member, explains four key attributes in Singapore’s approach to integrated planning and urban governance. Dr Cheong elaborates on how this approach has resulted in the outstanding city development project at Marina Bay, and how it has contributed to making Singapore a great place to work, live, and play in.

Highlights from the IFHP Singapore Conference
Posted: 25. June 2014

Experience the atmosphere at the IFHP Conference in Singapore, May 2014 on "Good Urban Governance in Integrated Planning: the key to success?". Ole Stilling, CEO of IFHP explains the purpose of the conference and what participants can gain. Furthermore Alfonso Martinez Cearra, Director General at Bilbao Metropoli-30, and Bernardus Djonoputro, Secretary General – Indonesian Association of Urban & Regional Planners, talks about their key points from their presentation, and how they benefitted from the event.

Urban Resilience -- Asia vs. North America
Posted: 22. May 2014

Larry Ng and Laurie Johnson share mutual learning on urban resilience.  Even though Larry Ng lives on the other side of the planet sea level rises are common threats to both Singapore and San Francisco. Many cities and regions along the Pacific coastline are vulnerable to climate change and face different challenges. Larry Ng and Laurie Johnson consider the importance of comparing notes across continents.



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