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Urbego in Vila Pedreira, Porto Alegre

We where challenged to think of urban solutions for Vila Pedreira.
From 24 to 26th of April, an Urbego workshop took place in Porto Alegre, in which young professionals, students of the FAUPUCRS university, students of other universities, representatives of the Brazilian Architecture Institute, officials of the municipal housing department and inhabitants of the area concerned were challenged to think of urban solutions for Vila Pedreira

Residential informal area containing grave risks

Vila Pedreira, an informal area strategically located in Porto Alegre, contains areas of high risks. The municipality of Porto Alegre already has plans for intervening in the area, for diminishing the risks, improving the accessibility and housing conditions of the local residents. 

A fruitful collaboration

During the activities of the workshop, the participants divided themselves in groups, elaborating different themes and areas. Some of the issues faced are public spaces, accessibility, housing, densification and risk areas; issues which, unfortunately, manifest themselves in inadequate conditions in many areas in Porto Alegre and other cities all over the world.
The participation of the community and municipality was fundamental in order to come to useful viable results. The region has been on the public agenda for a long time. This experience and solutions that emerged from it are very welcome for the Vila and the municipality. 
The results have been presented by the young planners and representatives of the municipality and Vila Pedreira at the 3rd International Congress: Sustainability and Social Housing, which took place from April 28th to 30st at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at PUCRS, Porto Alegre.  

The sequel

The Department of Housing expressed the importance of proceeding quickly with the area. Also the young participants continue, they have created a network with the objective to make the solutions on paper being implemented, by means of crowd funding and mutual-help. 
Herewith, thanks very much to all participants for their great dedication! 

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