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Fablabs, Sharing and Local Production - a reflection

On October 28th the third BLOXHUB morning took place discussing Fablabs, Sharing and Local Production.
Claus Skytte, Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland and Mikkel Christian Knudsen Holst addressed the wave of open source initiatives, sharing economy and co-creation, and the impact of new technologies such as 3D-printing and other manufacturing technologies. 
The discussion afterwards was highly influenced by the speakers’ perspectives on the future development. Examples such as Uber’s flying cars within the next ten years, running out of resources and how the sharing economy has changed the production model from linear to circular where put into perspectives of how the human species have to think smarter in the age of technology and come closer to each other by breaking with our old habits and use the internet the best possible way.   
The sustainable urbanization is here to stay. And we have not even seen the tip of the iceberg yet. Claus Skytte and Emmy Fjalland emphasized the key qualities necessary to focus on how an efficient sharing economy can solve the difficulties we face today. As how car-sharing is one way of solving the congestion, transport and pollution. 
Production is happening on the other side of the world and requires transportation and global manufacturing in a time where resources are running out. The solution to this is local sharing, as Airbnb, and local production, as Fablabs, where this new developing culture will also create sustainability, trust and security between people. 
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You can find the program of this BLOXHUB morning session here
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