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Housing and

How to get involved

Be a driver, do'er and developer at IFHP.

Getting involved is a great way to get more from your IFHP membership experience. If you invest and become an active member or partner, you get the right network, relevant knowledge and a platform to voice trends in urban development.


"If I tell you, you will forget. 
If I show you, you will remember. 
If I involve you, you will understand". 


Join the IFHP Community 

The IFHP Community is an open community – for those who are interested in and want to contribute to the IFHP conversation. Our Community is made up of the Council, the Board, Office staff, Members, Partners, Friends and Stakeholders. It is our most valuable asset and we will strive to explore and expand this moving forward.


There are several levels of involvement:


  • Membership
    Joining a leading global organization dedicated in making cities better places for people
  • Partnership/sponsorship
    Your opportunity to exchange with and connect and support expertise in housing and urban planning globally
  • Teamwork
    Connect with us, make your ideas a reality and/or play a role in IFHP activities
  • National Chapters
    Support IFHP and be a national focal point for members residing in the nation
  • Correspondent
    Your opportunity to voice emerging local housing issues and promote best practices to be shared globally
  • Attend an activity
    Make sure you don't miss out


These actions fuel our core objective: Understanding human settlement issues in a changing world! By encouraging peers to become involved in promoting our advocacy agenda we’ll have leverage to push through our voice in the international urban debate. We depend on each other for advice, for knowledge, for input and a national overview of topics, partners and needs.


More information

CEO, Morten Nielsen:


>> You can also find out more by contacting your Council Representative in your area of interest.