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18. July 2012 Second Lecture in AESOP-IFHP Series in Paris : Video Blog
12. October 2012 Backstage Architecture Articles
15. November 2012 IFHP at Facteur D Articles
07. December 2012 Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Articles
23. January 2013 Speakers at The Hague Housing Conference Articles
30. January 2013 IFHP kicked off its centenary celebration with a lecture by Sir Peter Hall Articles
31. January 2013 IFHP Council News: London Calling Articles
06. February 2013 New IFHP Media Manager Articles
19. February 2013 Registration is now open Articles
29. April 2014 IFHP at World Urban Forum 7, Medellin Blog
20. May 2014 Urbego in Vila Pedreira, Porto Alegre Blog
30. July 2014 The Co-creation of public spaces in cities in transition Blog
24. October 2016 The New Urban Agenda, Post- Habitat 3 Blog
31. October 2016 Exploring the Øresund region: Malmö's western harbor development Blog
02. November 2016 Fablabs, Sharing and Local Production - a reflection Blog
01. February 2017 Introducing the Habitats Professionals Forum (HPF) Blog
06. March 2017 A Roadmap to the past Habitats and the path to Habitat IV Blog
11. April 2017 Arun Jain on the “Right to the City” Blog
07. December 2017 Future Cities Blog
25. January 2018 The Paradoxes of Tourism Blog
26. January 2018 Introducing Social Cities Blog
13. February 2018 Global alliance for better cities is headed by Danes Blog
13. March 2018 Social Sustainability in Cities: Concept and Opportunities Blog
24. September 2018 Jens Kramer Mikkelsen is elected new President of IFHP Articles
18. December 2018 IFHP on the Road in America - @IFHPKnowledge reporting Articles
12. July 2019 IFHP on the ULI Stage – Adaptability; Availability; Affordability: The Triple A of Housing Configurations Articles
09. August 2019 The next IFHP Council Meeting Wednesday 9 October 2019 at 8–10 am in Copenhagen in conjunction with the C40 Mayors World Summit and Copenhagen Culture Night Articles